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Acharya Ricardo B Serrano
Acharya Ricardo

About Acharya Ricardo B Serrano & his Shakti-based Nityananda Lineage


"It is only when the scriptural knowledge, instructions of a preceptor (guru) and true discipleship come together that self-knowledge is attained." - Yoga Vashista

Acharya Ricardo B Serrano is just like a Self-Realized yogi, a Siddha teacher/ guide (preceptor) or meditation Master, who acts as a clear channel for the grace of God, and the disciple's worthiness draws that grace from him. He can awaken the disciple's dormant spiritual energy, kundalini, through Shaktipat (transmission of divine energy).

"An ideal Guru should be capable of bestowing grace through Shaktipat... It is very rare to find such a Guru." - Kularnava Tantra

Acharya Ricardo's powerful inner blissful transformative experiences with Sadguru Nityananda's Grace while performing the tantric and Siddha spiritual practices during his three month's vacation, from November, 2009 till February 2010, in the Philippines, which drove him to write about it, have convinced him that he has become just like a Siddha or an Acharya with the ability to do Shaktipat. These experiences include dreams where he met face to face his late mother and Siddhas in Siddhaloka, and Self-Realization experiences such as overwhelming God's love and universal oneness, inner peace and quiet mind he hasn't felt before. The most powerful and unforgettable experience while practicing Shaktipat was being in the flow of a powerful loving Shakti (Qi) opening his heart greatly to God's (Shiva's) unconditional love and expansion of his consciousness uniting with the universal or Cosmic consciousness. He has to ground himself, connecting with Mother Earth, with Qigong to enable his physical body to handle this powerful expansion of consciousness and overwhelming Qi flow. This liberating and enlightening experience through the Grace of Bhagawan Sadguru Nityananda would be similar to a pond of water (you) reuniting and becoming one with the vastness of the ocean (God) through a river path (Siddha).

Without God's grace through a Siddha, represented by his energy or spirit ("Shakti"), there can be no fulfillment or realization (enlightenment, liberation).

The Guru is like a boat that takes us across the ocean of worldliness toward oneness with God.

Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay (Hail the true Guru).

Golden Aura of Acharya Ricardo as seen by his students
Golden Aura of Acharya Ricardo

Swamiji Lakshmanjoo said, "When, by the grace of Lord Siva or the grace of his master, this limited being comes to the real understanding of his nature, then he knows that he is one with Paramasiva. At that point there is no difference between him and Paramasiva. Your consciousness becomes filled and adjusted with the reality and truth that this whole universe is only God. Nothing is experienced as being outside of God. This is the unification of your individual God Consciousness with Universal God Consciousness."

"He becomes just like Siva." - Shiva Sutra 3.25

According to Swamiji Lakshmanjoo, "He becomes like Lord Siva. Why is it said that he becomes like Lord Siva? Why not say that he becomes one with Siva? It cannot be said he becomes one with Siva because he has a body, a physical frame. As long as his physical frame is existing, he is just like Siva, he is not one with Siva. His having a physical frame will divert him toward inferior states. For instance, he may cough, have headaches, experience muscle pain, stomach aches, ulcers, or fever. Siva does not have these ailments or suffer these physical discomforts. So, as long as the yogi possesses a body, he can only be like Siva, not one with Siva. When he casts off this physical frame composed of the five elements, then he becomes one with Siva.

Because his physical body is existing, even when he becomes like Siva, that action (karma) that has brought his body into existence is ended by enjoying that action, not by casting it aside. Prarabdha karma cannot be overcome unless it is enjoyed. For an embodied being, prarabdha karma is unavoidable. He may be just like Siva or he maybe an ordinary person; prarabdha karma must be overcome by being enjoyed. It cannot be cast aside or abandoned.

So, for the remainder of his life, he must continue to exist with this physical frame. He must welcome whatever comes to him, whether it be good or bad. Whatever he gets to eat, he must eat. It is not worthwhile to cast his body aside. For such a yogi, this body is to be maintained until the time of death."

Shaktipat Intensive with Acharya Ricardo B SerranoPractitioners of Shaktipat Meditation in Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong (a combination of Mayan, Toltec, Hindu, Buddhist, Tantric, Therapeutic, Confucianist and Taoist Qigong) who have experienced an initial awakening of their Buddha nature are encouraged to have one-on-one phone consultation and attend a 4-day weekend Enlightenment Qigong Workshop with Qigong Master & Acharya Ricardo B Serrano to receive an empowerment shaktipat initiation (to awaken kundalini safely) and receive instructions on Self (Divine Consciousness residing in the individual), Self-awareness, personal freedom, Qigong and other meditation techniques (not fully covered in the introductory basics Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong ebook) from him which is only possible through personal one-on-one contact with him.

Toltec Mentor don Ricardo B Serrano

Golden Body of a Siddha
Golden Body of a Siddha

According to Yoga Vashista, "The self is not revealed either by the scriptures or by the instructions of a preceptor, and the self is not revealed without the instructions of a preceptor and without the help of the scripture. It is revealed only when all these come together. It is only when the scriptural knowledge, instructions of a preceptor and true discipleship come together that self-knowledge is attained."

"The Self is Consciousness." - Shiva Sutras, 1.1

"I am truly that supreme Brahman, which is eternal, stainless, and free; which is one, indivisible, and nondual; and which is of the nature of bliss, truth, knowledge, and infinity." - Shankaracharya, Atmabodha, v.36

"The Self is the knower of the modifications of the mind." - Shankaracharya, Viveka Chudamani, v.133

"That by which one perceives both dream state and waking state, having known That as the great, omnipresent Self, the wise man does not grieve." - Katha Upanishad, 2.1.4

"That by which one perceives form, taste, smell, sounds, and touches of love, by that alone one perceives. What is there which remains unknown to it? This, verily, is That." - Yoga Vasishtha.

"That shines through all our senses, yet is without senses. It supports the senses, yet remains apart from them. It experiences all the qualities of nature, yet remains detached from them." - Bhagavad Gita, 13.14

"When Chiti, universal Consciousness, descends from its lofty state as pure Consciousness, it becomes chitta, the mind." - Pratyabhijnahridayam, sutra 5

"When one acquires the strength of Kundalini, one is able to assimilate the entire universe into oneself." - Ibid., sutra 15

"By this path of the Guru, knowledge of one's Self rises." - Guru Gita, v.110

Acharya RBSerrano and Gurudev Nityananda
Acharya Ricardo B Serrano and
Gurudev Nityananda

See When the Student is Ready, the Master Will Appear and Memorable Quotations from Yoga Scriptures of the Ancient Siddha Lineage Tradition




Acharya Ricardo B SerranoAcharya Ricardo, a Frater Rosae Crucis (F.R.C.), would like to thank and acknowledge Dr. H. Spencer Lewis and his son Ralph Maxwell Lewis (both Imperators of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC) with the higher degrees of the R+C teachings in the late 1970's that initially and greatly influenced him to begin his spiritual journey starting with his ongoing studies and practice in Chinese medicine and Qigong (1980) followed by Siddha Yoga studies and practice after his Shaktipat initiation (1989) by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda in Vancouver, B.C.

However, Ricardo's real Shaktipat initiation (2009) was with Baba Muktananda while he was viewing "Muktananda - The Guru's Touch" video, filmed during Baba Muktananda's 1976 visit in England, when he experienced yoga, reconnecting his soul (inner Self) to his Divine Soul (Higher Self), and awakening his heart to kundalini shakti's unconditional love.

After the awakening yoga experience because of Shaktipat initiation that re-created and recognized God within his consciousness, Ricardo has now been made aware that man is a living being, a living material expression, and a living soul (inner Self). And that the material body of man is but a container, a shell for the soul (inner Self) within as explained by the ontological law (Gen.2:7): "God breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life and man became a living soul."

In 1994, studies and practices with Master Choa Kok Sui's arhatic yoga and pranic healing started, followed in 1998-2003 by Alton Kamadon's Merkaba teachings, and then followed in 2005 with Master Ou Wen Wei's Pan Gu Shen Gong, Michael Winn's Primordial Wuji Qigong and Master Li Jun Feng's Sheng Zhen Qigong, and lastly followed by Lama Tantrapa's Tibetan Shamanic Qigong and Swami Lakshmanjoo's Kashmir Shaivism in 2009. Lastly, the practice of the Fifth Agreement by don Miguel Ruiz in 2010 culminated his studies.

Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

Shaktipat initiation by Acharya Ricardo B SerranoHe founded, in 2009, Enlightenment Qigong with Shaktipat Meditation in Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong that are both an integration and culmination of all the Qigong and meditation practices that work, making attaining Enlightenment or Self-Realization through Shaktipat, an easy, natural way and without difficulty. See Legacy of Bhagawan Nityananda


"Always remember, the Shakti, the energy of our lineage,
comes from Bhagawan Nityananda." - Baba Muktananda

Bhagawan Nityananda
Bhagawan Nityananda


Shaktipat from a Guru of an authentic Shakti-based lineage is not only necessary to become a true enlightened being, but also a must to become a true Guru yourself. - Acharya Ricardo B Serrano


Bhagawan Nityananda
Bhagawan Nityananda

The Legacy of Bhagawan Nityananda

According to Swami Shankarananda in Nityananda: the Living Tradition, "The specialty of Bhagavanís yoga is shaktipat, the awakening of the kundalini energy that lies dormant in every person. The gurus of this lineage awaken the kundalini energy by look, touch, word or thought. Once this energy is awakened by one of the Siddha gurus and the grace of Bhagavan Nityananda, a seeker evolves rapidly, ultimately attaining permanent repose in the Self.

Bhagavan died physically in 1961, but for his devotees and the Ganeshpuri villagers, his spiritual power is completely present and available even now. Indeed, his samadhi shrine, his place of burial, is a perpetual dynamo, a cauldron of Shakti...

This lineage produced enlightened beings in earlier generations, and it continues to produce them today. Though each personís realisation is uniquely their own, the realisers of the Nityananda tradition have a quality that is characteristic of the great Shakti-based lineages. Their enlightenment is based on the recognition of the Self within, and on the freedom that arises from being centred beyond the mind. But it is also centred in love, seeing the Divine in others. Its core is the transmission of Shakti, and while it may make a devotional affirmation of the world, it is ultimately non-dual. The realisers of the Nityananda tradition blend love, wisdom and Shakti in a matchless dynamic.

Our lineage makes a great and unique contribution. It brings the Divine within reach of everyone. The gurus of our lineage have awakened the kundalini shakti of thousands of seekers. They have offered us a direct path to God, and also given us the experience of the Self."

Bhagawan Nityananda Samadhi Shrine
Bhagawan Nityananda Samadhi Shrine

See Bhagawan Nityananda - A Short Autobiography of a Saint


The true messengers (prophets) of God who connect us to God for healing and spiritual awakening are Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Baha'ullah, etc.

For me personally, Baha'ullah, (Glory of God in Arabic), is the heart-opening personification of the liberating energy of unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, inner smile and expanded consciousness as I have experienced him through the pillar of Light and Cosmic Christ consciousness during my sitting and standing meditation (qigong), and energy healing practices.

See Shaktipat Meditation and Siddha Lineage

Baha'u'llah, divine teacher

"The essence of all the prophets of God is one and the same." - Baha'u'llah

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