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Divine Eye of God

Hologram of Love (Merkaba) in Motion

An Introduction to Holographic Healing with Sound
by Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God
. – John 1:1

Holographic Sound, as described by the Hathors, Masters of Sound and Love, is a merging of sound vibration with holographic energy, bringing sound to its true and natural state of being. Sound is holographic in nature but for the past several thousand years, has only been used in linear form because of our inability to hold its higher vibration. Through specific Holographic Sound Healing techniques, we are able to hold once again this higher vibration.

Hathor, Master of Sound and Love

Holographic Sound Healing together with the Holographic Light Body Activation will completely and exponentially amplify the vibration of sound and light body for healing, balancing, body rejuvenation, interdimensional travel, manifestation, ascension and much, much more as I have experienced it in my regular practice and clinical healing application. See Hologram of Love Merkaba

Right Eye of Horus

According to Dr. Richard Gerber's Vibrational Medicine book, "Sound therapy is one of the prototypical vibrational healing modalities. Sound produces measurable vibratory feelings throughout the body, depending upon the frequency and amplitude of the sound used. There have been a wide variety of sound healing developments over the last ten to twenty years. Certain sounds most likely have a healing influence upon the body because they influence the geometric patterns and organization of cells and living systems.

As a Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) practitioner, the following excerpt from the Vibrational Medicine book talks about the use of sound healing in Chinese medicine, "The concept of a specific frequency of sound associated with each part of the seven chakras is not new. Various East Indian yoga teachings ascribe particular notes of music to each of the seven chakras. Another ancient system associating musical notes with subtle-energy sytems of the body is the five Element Theory of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The Chinese model views Earth and the human body in terms of the five elements of creation, which are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each of the five elements is associated with particular acupuncture meridians and organ systems that energetically interact within the body according to the Law of the Five Elements and its cycles of energy flow. In addition to each element being linked to a particular organ system, it also has a particular musical note associated with it. The five musical notes of the Five Element System comprise of a pentatonic scale that has been used in China as a basis of musical composition and improvisation. Melodies with emphasis on particular elemental notes have been developed in China to stimulate healing of the various organ systems of the body.

Intricate musical tone studies done by the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra resulted in a series of six tapes, collectively known as Yi Ching Music for health. Yi Ching music is actually a healing music based on the Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine. These are particular songs or musical compositions associated with each of the five elements. To use the healing compositions for a praticular illness, one would analyze the illness in terms of classical Chinese medicine. For instance, in Five Element Theory, the liver meridian and organ are associated with the element wood. To assist in healing an individual who has a liver disease, such as hepatitis, you would utilize "Wood Music" to help balance the element wood in the body. The wood music may stimulate balanced flow of energy in the liver meridians that feed nutritional Qi (energy) to the liver organ.

Healing with musical compositions based on the energy systems of ancient Chinese medicine is one of the many varied approaches to healing with sound. It is a unique example of ancient healing principles merging with new vibrational concepts to provide yet another sound healing system. Perhaps future research will verify the particular healing benefits of each sonic healing technology, alone, or in combination with other vibrational healing modalities." See Quotes from Vibrational Medicine on Holograms, Spiritual Healing

Holographic Sound Healing technology – healing the body through the chakras with sound – as I have learned and experienced it is a powerful ancient/new sound healing system which should be utilized as an important part of vibrational healing modalities as used in my TCM clinical practice.

When you do sound healing, the sound resonates from you and moves energy to remove unwanted blocks or beliefs, like a thread between you and the other person. Sound stirs energy at deep levels, releasing all emotions and increasing the flow of intention. Cells have vibrational memories and just have to be reminded to release and balance themselves.– Renee Brodie, The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls

"What made me interested in healing with sound? Why does Healing with Sound work?" you might have asked.

Whenever I am listening to my CDs such as Angel Love and Elevation 2 during my meditation sessions and also whenever I am playing my piano, singing my kareoke and especially tuning my crystal bowl during holographic sound healing that I always noticed the supportive effect of music and sound to the strength, power and expansion of my consciousness and light body Merkaba especially its soothing effect to my feeling or emotional nature.

There has to be a reason or an explanation to why sound has this effect to my emotional body which was answered by Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of Dawn - Teachings from the Pleiadians book, "Emotion, because it brings feeling and connects you to feeling, allows you to recognize different states of consciousness. The logical mind does not allow you to recognize states of consciousness because it holds onto its own identity. It is locked into the boundary of ego and does not want to recognize other areas. Feeling, however, always acknowledges other areas because feeling discerns the difference. You can read the signs and the definitions by the energy that you call feeling. It is, in actuality, a vibration. Sound brings about states of emotional feeling. When you create harmonics of sound, it reminds your body of something. It reminds your body of Light, of deep Cosmic love and other worlds. Your body comes into joy and sometimes overwhelmingly into sadness. It seeks and accesses a frequency that it has been longing for, of which the sound has reminded it. As you allow your sound to play your body, you discover a frequency that you have sought. This frequency is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body. Sound is a vehicle or conduit to connect you to the higher chakras outside your body because you do not have a way of accessing them logically. You must access all frequencies and chakra centers by feelings, and sound will connect you with feeling, which will allow you to understand the information.

If sound could be pictured, some of you would become entranced with watching it. There are realities where sound does picture itself. You feel the movement and language of sounds when you wave your body or move your hands. You experience the richness of this form of communication and how multi-dimensional all things are by feeling sound express itself. It has its own language, and it has a form."

As a registered acupuncturist of BC, I have always been searching for alternative healing technologies I could integrate with my Traditional Chinese medical modalities. Sound healing is definitely a very powerful healing modality as discovered by a fellow French acupuncturist and musician, Fabien Maman. Dr. Carolyn Shreeve's Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine article called "How Far is Sound & Colour Therapy Medicine of the Future?" where she quoted, "Maman also teaches his patients to sing the curative note, rather like a chant or a mantra. He has synthesized aspects of his knowledge of sound with the use of movement, meditation and colour into a complete healing system. Movement (he uses Qi Gong) regenerates the life force in the meridians. This he believes links us to cosmic energy and when practiced with our fundamental sound, starts up vibrations within the individual's morphogenetic field.

It may well be true, as Fabien Maman claims, that colour links us to the energy of the planets, that it can be used to "clarify the astral plane," and that sound, because it surrounds vibrating particles and increases their spin, facilitates their expansion and widens our field of consciousness. Maman's research with cancer and sound may turn out to be one of the most significant and exciting discoveries of this century.

Maman's particular contribution has been to discover that certain specific sound frequencies transmitted to acupuncture points by Tuning Forks are as effective as needles in treating patients. His interest was further stimulated by his meeting with the French physicist and musician, Joel Sternheimer. Sternheimer has discovered that elementary particles vibrate at frequencies in accordance with musical laws; he views the material world as an aspect of music. Since then, Maman and Sternheimer have worked together, successfully investigating the harmonic and melodic equivalents of living matter. They claimed they have found that all meridian lines, acupuncture points, tissues and organs have their own individual "musical note". Moreover, they are in constant state of flux, affected by such factors as the seasons, time of day and night and so on, and therefore have constantly changing sound equivalents.

A particlular achievement of the pair has been the transposition of the characteristic vibratory resonance of certain key molecules into their lower frequency musical equivalents. The effect of this is to slow down the vibrational rate of the molecules concerned. Maman contends that this process has enormously important therapeutic implications in that it can be used both to stimulate healthy human cells and to harmonise and heal sick ones. He also emphasises the adverse effects of environmental noise, which should be significantly reduced if the human organism is to reach its potential of vitality and well-being. In his clinical research, with the biologist Helene Grimaud and others, he discovered that blood cells, subjected to a chromatic scale of sound frequencies, became colored and altered their shape according to the particular frequency employed. The note A (440 hertz) changed them to Pink, C made them longer, E made them round, and D produced considerable colour variety.

When Cancer Cells were subjected likewise to a chromatic scale, their intracellular components started to lose definition as the scale ascended, and generally disintegrated between A (440 hertz) and B. Individual cells have "personal" qualities related to the overall condition of the person from whom they are taken. This partly accounts for the fact that when sound is used therapeutically, cure is achieved in some cases and not in others. Maman determines the level at which energy is depleted - physical, etheric, astral, mental, psychic or spiritual - and decides which sound frequency to use through pulse examination, the use of instinct and by listening to the patient's voice. Just as the correct note is therapeutic, so inappropriate ones can cause damage. Sounds are therefore highly specific in each case, and are applied through tuning forks to acupuncture points or chakras (energy centers), or by means of headphones."




We hear and ingest sounds with more than the auditory mechanism of our ears. The whole body responds to sound and consumes it, whether we consciously hear the sound or not. Consider how the mind tunes out the ticking of a clock or the humming of a refrigerator. But even though the conscious mind can filter out the sound, the body cannot. The human body vibrates too. Each beat of the heart shakes the entire body, and the body responds to this vibration. Its response may be measured by a miniature seismograph. – Steven Halpern with Louis Savary, Sound Health - The Music and Sound that Makes Us Whole

Healing with Sound (Part 2)

"What is the basis of sound healing? What is resonance? What does it do? How does resonance affect one? What causes the resonance with Crystal Bowls? Does this affect one's health, one's balance of energies, one's level of energy?" you might have asked.

According to Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds book, "Resonance is the basis of every sound therapy that I have examined. As you may recall, resonance is the basic vibratory rate of an object. Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. This includes the human body. Every organ, bone, tissue and other part of the body has a healthy resonant frequency. When that frequency alters, that part of the body vibrates out of harmony and this is what is termed dis-ease. If it were possible to determine the correct resonant frequency for a healthy organ and then project it into that part which is dis-eased, the organ should return to its normal frequency and a healing should occur.

When an organ or another part of the body is in a state of health, it will be creating a natural resonant frequency that is harmonious with the rest of the body. However, when dis-ease sets in, a different sound pattern is established in that part of the body which is not vibrating in harmony. Therefore, it is possible, through use of externally created sound that is projected into the dis-eased area, to reintroduce the correct harmonic pattern .. and effect a curative reaction. Through the principle of resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonius frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations.

The different rhythms of the body may also be changed through sound. This is known as "entrainment" and involves the ability of the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object to change the less powerful rhythmic vibrations of another object and cause them to synchronize their rhythms with the first object. Through sound it is possible to change the rhythms of our brain waves, as well as our heartbeat and respiration.

It has been verified recently that sound can be used to affect and change our brain waves. These principles of using resonance and entrainment are the fundamental concepts behind the use of sound to heal and transform. They are found in every practice that uses sound, regardless of tradition, belief system or culture. ... Examination of these practices, from the Hindu use of mantras to shamanic use of chanting and drumming, reveals a commonality in these principles of resonance and entrainment as the basis of sonic transformation and healing."

According to John Beauliu's Music and Sound in the Healing Arts: An Energy Approach book, "Resonance occurs when the vibrations of one object reach out and set off vibrations in another object. The word "resonance" comes from the Latin verb resonare, meaning "to return to sound". If the two objects have closely similar frequencies and one is vibrated, the other object will also sound, e.g. if you have two tuning forks of the same pitch and you strike one, the other will also make sound. This is called "sympathetic resonance".

Resonance is the (pitch) intonation of a certain note which resonates, find its level in unison with your pitch or frequency, causing a harmony to take place. It is very healing and is composed of like frequencies meeting each other, being agreeable if you will. You may feel you resonate with someone, as opposed to dissonance (disagreeable) and that is simply the reverse. To resonate with, is to be in harmony with that person, or note or object, and if you are, then your notes are balanced, not jarring in any way, peaceful, full of strength and also joyfulness.

The intervals of the tuning forks create a sympathetic resonance with the quality of Sacred Sound deep within us. The archetype begins to align our thoughts and physical body around its vibration, e.g. when the forks are tapped, it is quite common to observe the head and body move and adjust to the proportions of the sound. If we look at our bodies as actual manifestations of the pattern of the Sacred Sound, we can begin to understand how the sound of the tuning forks can be used for healing".

According to Olivia Dewhurst-Maddock's The Book of Sound Therapy book, "The acoustic principle of resonance applies not only to musical instruments, but also to the human body. As the sound waves enter the body, sympathetic vibrations occur in its living cells, which help to restore and reinforce healthy organization. The high water content of the body's tissues helps to conduct sound, and the overall effect is likened to a deep massage at the atomic and molecular level.

The human being is therefore likened to a very complex, unique, and finely-tuned musical instrument. Every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, and organ of the body continually broadcast the frequencies of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. The human voice is an indicator of its body's health on all these levels of existence. It establishes a relationship between the individual and the wondrous network of vibrations that is the cosmos."

According to Deborah Van Dyke's The Soul Garden book, "The knowledge of sound carries with it great power. It allows one to travel without moving. In creation myths all over the world, sound is recognized as the source of all visible and invisible things. Sound is vibration and vibration is music in a three-dimensional form. When sand is placed on a sheet of glass and the sheet is stroked with the bow of a violin, the sand instantly arranges itself into beautiful geometic shapes, like a mandala.

Sound creates and sound arranges. The harmonics created by the playing of singing bowls have an amazing therapeutic effect on people. When you strike a singing bowl, you can feel that the air surrounding the bowl also vibrates. The powerful vibrations spread quickly throught the body which consists of approximately 90% water after all, and this results in a very delicate internal massage of all the cells. The human body is a living entity of vibrations and wavelengths. A healthy organ is well tuned, meaning that it vibrates only at its own frequency, while the frequency of a sick organ is disturbed. Singing bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl so that when it is synchronized, it can vibrate independently. Stimulated and taken up by the power vibrations of the singing bowl, the body is able to tune into its own undisturbed frequency."

"What then is the aim of sound in healing?"

According to Renee Brodie, "This is the aim of sound, for you to resonate with a piece of music, or the tone you sound yourself, or a particular Bowl so that its sound "waves" through you, touches where it is needed, and balances. Then you are healed, your auric field is "in flow" and you will radiate perfect health."

"Sound is an energy form generated by a vibrating body. Depending on its frequency, the human body will react to and perceive this energy in different ways. If the pitch is below the audible level and the amplitude is high, we may feel it although we do not hear it. If it is within the audible range, we will hear it and classifiy it according to our knowledge of sound. If the pitch is ultrasonic – above the audible range – we will not hear it but may experience unpleasant bodily reactions to what is known as White Sound."

Enya – Only Time


"Let Love Light Your Path, Truth Guide Your Way and Joy Sing From Your Soul." - Sananda


Purple Lotus


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Hathor on Dendara Temple in Egypt
Hathor on Dendara temple in Egypt

Who The Hathors Are & Why They Have Come

According to Channelled Messages from the Hathors in Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene's Hathor Material book, "We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past – even in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history. Our own nature is energetic and interdimensional. We originally came from another universe by way of Sirius which is a portal to your Universe, and from Sirius we eventually proceeded to your solar system and the etheric realms of Venus.

In the past we have specifically worked with and through the Hathor fertility goddess of ancient Egypt. We also made contact with the Tibetan lamas in the formative period of Tibetan Buddhism. Thus, some of their unique techniques and practices about the use of sound come from our own lineage and our teachings with them. Although we have interacted with some of Earth's early cultures, we are an intergalactic civilization with outposts that span parts of your known Universe and beyond.

We are what you might term an ascended civilization – a group of beings existing at a specific vibratory field, even as you have an energy signature. It is simply that we vibrate at a faster rate than you. Nonetheless, we are all part of the mystery, part of the love that holds and binds all the universe together.

We have grown as you have grown, ascending to the One Source of all that is. We have grown in joy and through sorrow, as have you. We are, in terms of the vastness, a little higher on the spiral of awareness and consciousness than you are; therefore, we can offer you what we have learned as friends, mentors and fellow travelers on the path that leads back to remembrance of All That Is.

We are not saviors; we're not messianic. We wanted to clearly step out of that projection so that the reader understood that we were simply elder brothers and sisters offering our understanding and what we have learned. You may take it or leave it but we offer it freely. In our understanding, the belief that different alien intelligences are going to save you, and the belief that when you enter a photon belt you will magically be transformed, are just projection of human unconsciousness. The hope that someone or something will save you, that you will not have to make any changes in yourself, that you will not have to be responsible, is unrealistic.

The belief that you can stay in patterns of lethargy and unconsciousness, then take something or have something given to you that will transform you without any effort on your part, is sheer folly. It won't happen. Now, there may be alien intelligences that land, for they certainly exist, but those humans who count on others to bring in their ascension and elevation without any work on their part, are going to be very disappointed. Ascension is a process of self-awareness and mastery on all levels and it necessitates bringing all those levels of one's existence upward. That is how we see it and that is how we have done it for millennia.

By offering our aid, however, we do not wish to interfere with your other spiritual helpers and cosmic relationships in any way, nor with any religious beliefs, affiliations or organizations of help to you. Even so, there is a great deal we would like to share.

We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this Universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are."

Paul Hubbert and Ricardo B Serrano in Holographic Sound Healing workshop, August 5, 2001 Vancouver, BC
Paul Hubbert and Ricardo B Serrano in Vancouver, BC
for Holographic Sound Healing workshop


With great acknowledgement and thanks to Paul Hubbert for his holographic sound healing teachings, and to Master Alton Kamadon, Ricardo B. Serrano's Merkaba teacher and Spirit guide, with Gaiadon Heart Master Saranya Zaveri together Toltec Master don Miguel Ruiz, Qi Dao Master Lama Somananda Tantrapa, Sheng Zhen Qigong Master Li Jun Feng, Pan Gu Shen Gong Master Ou Wen Wei, Wuji Qigong Master Michael Winn, Zhan Zhuang Qigong Master Richard Mooney, Siddha Master Swami Muktananda and Swami Laksmanjoo, and Arhatic Yoga and Master Pranic Healer Choa Kok Sui with Master Nona Castro and Master Miguel Nator.

Me, Master Choa Kok Sui & Master Nona Castro
Me, Master Choa Kok Sui & Master Nona Castro

I call in and honour the presence of the Kamadon Grand Master, the Kamadon Elementals, the White Brotherhoods, the Great Ones of the Central Sun, the Elohim, the Archangels and Angelic Realms, Lady Mary, Lady Kuan Yin, Lady Athena, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Sai Baba, Nityananda, Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda, Melchizedek, the 144,000 Melchizedek Elders, Master Thoth, Master Enoch, Hathors, Maitreya Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Green Tara, Lord Padmasambhava, Lord Buddha and the other ascended masters for their blessings of purifying light and healing energy, divine guidance, help and protection.


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